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Where did you get that beautiful ring?

Buying an engagement ring is exciting and emotional experience. We strive to make it fun and enjoyable too! Our team strongly feels that engagement rings need to be seen in person in order to better evaluate the differences in quality and design. We have the widest selection of styles to choose from, including vintage, modern or classic, to name a few, all made using today’s top technology.

At A Cutting Edge-Gallery of Jewelry, we will help you navigate through all of the options in engagement and wedding jewelry. We love talking diamonds and we want you to feel confident and educated in the choice you make for that special someone.

Diamonds are available in a wide variety of shapes including round, oval, cushion, radiant and emerald cut. You may first think of shape but the proportions and angles of your diamond are equally as important. The perfectly cut stone will outshine an average cut stone with its brilliance and life. This is truly the key to having the most beautiful diamond.

If you want everyone to ask, “Where did you get that beautiful ring?” you just have to visit A Cutting Edge – Gallery of Jewelry.


When looking at a diamond, besides shape, one of the first things the eye notices is color. At A Cutting Edge-Gallery of Jewelry, we search out the top tier diamonds that have D, E and F color. The whiteness of the diamond can really make a huge impact on how it shines and sparkles, especially in natural light.

Color Scale

Cut & Shape

The round cut diamond remains the most popular shape in engagement rings today, while the oval and cushion cut are a close second. Quite often we find that people are interested in seeing some of the more unique cuts as well. Styles such as the pear shape, radiant, asscher and emerald cuts have seen a resurgence in popularity recently. The illustration below will help you envision the best cut for your engagement ring:

Diamond Cut Shapes


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Diamonds are very rarely flawless. “Because diamonds form under tremendous heat and pressure, nearly every one possesses internal and external features called clarity characteristics”(http://4cs.gia.edu/en-us/blog/diamond-inclusions-defined/) or inclusions. Like color, these inclusions are part of the GIA grading scale. Any characteristic will affect the value of a diamond, but inclusions may not affect the look of the stone in your engagement ring. We specialize in diamonds that are clean to the naked eye, meaning you would have to look through a jewelers loop or microscope to see any inclusion.

We hand-select each diamond in our inventory and encourage you to come in and see what a difference that can make!


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Diamonds are often measured by their weight instead of their dimensions. A carat is the universal unit for diamonds. 1 carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams. You may also hear diamond weight referred to as points. 100 points equals 1.00 carat, meaning 75 points is 0.75 carats. The more carat weight a single stone has the more valuable it can be.


The semi-mounting refers to the piece in which your stone is set. Jeff often calls it ,”the vessel to hold your stone.” The style and design plays a key factor in the mood and feeling of the ring: romantic or dramatic, classic or modern. When you begin your search for the perfect ring and find that design on Pinterest or elsewhere, it is best to come in and see it in person. Sometimes when you try it on, it is exactly what you envisioned. Other times, you fall in love with a completely different design or style. White gold is still the leading choice for engagement/wedding rings. Rose gold has greatly gained popularity and yellow gold is making a resurgence, as of late. Any of three gold colors will help you express your own personal style. Palladium and platinum are other options for white metals. Palladium is an excellent choice for those with metal allergies. We offer a variety of settings and designs in each of these materials.

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